Battlevoid: Harbinger BUG REPORTING


Hi Doddie, we have fixed the issue and implemented a double save feature. We also fixed a crash that
was the reason to the issue in the first place.

The patch with the double save feature will be out a bit later, because the current one awaiting approval from Apple has to be checked first. After that we will submit the newest version.


Thank you Admiral!

Also, where is your station (studio) based? I can't find much info on BugByte or it's team.

I am curious.


Also, another bug I remembered from yesterday (but not a game breaker).

When you have destroyed the Nemesis ship, shuttle flies away and you clean up the remaining ships. This doesnt fire off the auto pull in of resources from the area.

Then, if you fly to the next location where the shuttle went to the shuttle still shows as being in the location you just left from. Resulting in either having to fly back and then to correct location, or it jumps after you made it there... even though he warped first.

If that makes sense?


SamJermy we are located in Finland.

We have also fixed the "loading" stuck issue. We will submit the update too google now and it should be live in about 2-4 hours. So when you update you should be able to continue again without having to clear your data!

About the nemesis shuttle. Yes he should jump towards the nearest Trolgar battlestation. So when he jumps first the turn has not been played yet, that is why he will arrive at the same time (Or later) when you jump. The map might be a bit bugged with that particular feature though Smile


Admiral! i counted exactly 26 hostile ships(not fighters the big ones) in one sector on hard mode and it is the first map , i shall i take this as normal or abnormal? XD


DaViylax. Well it is very abnormal Smile But the longer you spend time in one galaxy the higher the risk that something like this will happen. So there is a little tip for you, grind but don't grind too much!

At least the game is presenting a challenge, hehe Smile


I think it was one of the first couple of ships. only had 2 turret slots. I still didnt get very far even with all the turrets haha. haven't noticed it on any more of the ships


Pleases add hangars to the capital ship


But no change the weapons


I assumed the capital ship would have hangers. It's a bummer if it doesn't.

@jackistired I noticed that if I buy support ships and then quit without changing sector, it doesn't save. It only saves when entering a sector.

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