Battlevoid: Harbinger BUG REPORTING


Oh, sorry! I got so distracted with the Speed upgrade I failed to see it even had a Recharge Time upgrade Tongue

Any thoughts on the leaderboard issue?


So far you are the only one that have reported a problem with uploading to leaderboard. Hmm, there might be something but it is hard to say. So you can't upload any high scores?


I didn't seem to have a problem until just recently. My last two completed runs (on Normal) were in excess of 10k, neither of which uploaded. Working on another run now (on Easy) but I don't think I'm going to make it that high Smile


10k??!!...It should be just mega perfect run!LOL


Just finished my easy run and it definitely uploaded the score. I'll have to try to set a big score on Hard and see what happens.


nexus 4 - android 5.1.1

in the ship interface, after playing for a bit, when selecting a module to buy in one of the ships bays, I elected to not buy anything and the 'exit' and 'purchase' buttons were still visible on the previous screen...

then I selected an existing module to upgrade it, and it took me to the purchase screen instead, as though there was nothing installed in that bay.

couldn't upgrade at all.

another smallish issue here: every time the game starts, it defaults to the training mission... it should, by default have auto selected the difficulty last played, and perhaps also the ship last used.

just some ui conveniences.


also, the tweaks you've made to nerf the carriers have definitely made the game more challenging... well done on that!

I think the drones need a hull stat tho... the bolter fighters are half the price of the drone and they don't seem much different... is the hull weaker?


that interface buff described above resolved itself upon restarting the game...

unrelated: ran into a ship with three well upgraded flak cannons... destroyed my fleet in seconds!


Flack cannon is the best close range weapon(extra powerful when upgraded),don't be surprised)))


Same leaderboard issue occurred when finishing my run on Hard (11938 points).


Hi there. Loving your game.
But I encountered a very very huge bug!

I dont know exactly how it happened, but when I tried to buy a new support ship for my fleet, after selling an older one, the red X and green mark didnt fade after I close this menu.

But thats not all.
After clicking the green mark, I was getting around 2k of scrap and alot of the upgrade-currency!!
And it worked for EBERY CLICK INFINITE.

So I was able to beat hard mode with over 1 million scrap, what was leading in a huuge score at the end.

I can try to reproduce the bug, but as I said, dont know exactly why it came to the false buttons in ship-menu to be able to click me rich.

Please fix this. Its a big option to cheat if this happens.


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