Battlevoid: Harbinger BUG REPORTING



I put up the high score on HARD on my apple iPad today and it was there on Gamecenter for about 5 hours. Now I'm not even ranked and it is as if I had never played HARD before. Don't know why that happened but I got that score without doing any of the initial releases exploits. Straight game play. The game still says I have the score I posted which was 10498 as my best score on HARD but Gamecenter doesn't.


PS. How I got that score: 1 BSE Armada equipped with 1 Energy Cannon and 1 Projectile Cannon. As you get upgrade points upgrade the recharge time only. Fully upgraded Projectile Cannon fire once every 1/2 second. Fully upgraded Energy Cannon fire once every 4/10ths of a second. Add more main weapon mounts of Projectile Cannon until all mounts are done. Your choice for point defense weapons and don't bother upgrading them. I like a mix of Gatling and Laser with Lasers on the corners and Gatling in the middle. Then as I got enough scrap I bought a BSE Liberator and equipped it with a fighter hanger (max out the number of fighters), an Energy Cannon and 3 Projectile Cannon with only the recharge time upgraded to the max on the latter facilities; one Shield Boost goes in the point defence opposite the hanger. Rinse and repeat when you have enough scrap for another BSE Liberator. The barrage of projectiles the Projectile Cannon puts out with a fully upgraded Recharge Time Upgrade intercepts most long range Missile/Rocket fire and tears ships up in 1 or 2 seconds. Operate in the middle ranges and you'll stay away from those close range weapons that tear you up on the third map. When the third map is finished don't just exit, sell off everything that you can, weapons and ships. This will max out the scrap you have on hand which adds to your score.

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