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I'm an Amazon Tablet user, having purchased the game from the Play Store and it's my number 1 goto game on the device. Currently I'm close to completing Normal - not yet tried the harder campaigns and I have all unlockables collected.  

Some suggestions on where I'd appreciate changes..
A 5 turret ship, 0 hangars at the 11k mark - there's a gap here. You can get a decent 4 turret + 1 hanger ship for 7200, and around 11k you have multi hangar ships but nothing for the non-hangar based until 15k.
Saving ship designs across playthroughs, so when you select the type of ship you want to build the game provides you a list of buildable blueprints (based on available tech)
More persistent rewards - e.g. either after completing a mission and getting credits, OR based on completing a campaign (with reward amount based on difficulty of the campaign), being able to invest in either upgrades for a tech, or being able to put research points into a tech.
  To be clearer here, upgrades in a tech
    - Having points allocated such that when you start a mission you already have upgrades paid for in a particular tech (e.g. range for the laser point defense). Upgrades available for all technologies that you have unlocked. Perhaps limited so you have to upgrade tier 1 before being allowed to move onto tier 2.
  Put research points into a tech
    - Spend the rewards on either offsetting the research cost for a tech or being able to full research each. E.g. Invest in Fighter 10% speed so it starts at partially completed and takes less time during a mission to complete.
Edit: Perhaps the persistent reward for upgrades or research could be automatic and based on what you invested most heavily in during the mission or campaign - encouraging players to try out new battle plans.

This would encourage multiple playthroughs to earn the persistent rewards.
For those wanting a challenge, also have in the options a setting for the start level of enemies - e.g. give enemies access to tier 2,3, 4 straight away.

Ideally for a campaign the researching and upgrading would persist and be a lot harder. 
So in the first mission I would expect to maybe research 1 or 2 items but when I started the next mission in the campaign I would have access to those 1 or 2 items and be able to keep researching. By the end of the campaign I'd have a lot more options available (ideally not everything, researching should make you focus) but the enemies would also be harder. 

Ship based experience - encourage keeping ships alive by having them get experience for kills which increases accuracy, health, shields, range, fire speed, damage. Once a battle was completed, these ships would stay behind to protect the region rather than move on to your next fight and unbalance it. 
Heroes - having a single hero that you can level up during a campaign and assign to a station or ship to give it a small boost.  When the ship dies the hero escapes in an unkillable pod but loses confidence (experience).

Just some thoughts! Really looking forward to Space Haven, Rimworld is my current favourite PC game and many of the other games that form the Space Haven ideas have been on my regular play list (Loved DF-9 even though it wasn't finished).



You have many great points, I agree. Thank you very much for the great feedback!

I just want to elaborate on the persistent research a little bit. Reworking the research system would require quite a bit, and it's hard to say how current players would react to the change.
Having the research be persistent would mean it could no longer be based on time, as the player could simply wait in the first mission and research everything.

I could lock the research slots and open new ones for each mission, but this would not be without it's problems either. I would have to completely re-balance and restructure how
the enemy ramps up the difficulty with its attacks, as the player would now have access to lesser tech.

Anyway, thank you very much for playing the game and being with us!


Good afternoon,

Okay, I understand the points about re-working and needing to appease everyone. New thoughts for the day...
It's around encouraging repeatability and replay.. the way that games encourage me to want to keep playing is in the rewards - especially unlocks. 

Thus - a new feature which can be toggled on or off, so you don't upset player base that doesn't like the idea!

Similar to unlockables, a bonus system that you can spend mission credits on and give you an advantage.

(Note: Numbers below are examples only and are not cumulative, real values would be based on balance considerations)
Ship hitpoints +1%, +2%, +3%
Ship speed +2%, +4%, +6%
Energy Weapons
  - Range +1%, +2%, +3%
  - Dmg   +1%, +2%
  - Fire speed +2% ...
Missile Weapons
  - Range, Dmg, Fire Speed
.. Repeat for all weapon types
  - Spawn rate +5%, +10%
  - Flight speed +5%, +10%
  - Max +1 fighter per group
 - Spawn rate  +5%, +10%
 - Flight speed +5%, +10%
 - Max +1 bomber per group

Starting credits +1000, +2000, +3000, +4000
Credit rate - +.1%, +.5%, +1%
Research points +5, +10, +15, +20
Research point rate +.1%, +.5%, +1%

Visibility: +1 tile, +2 tiles, +3 tiles
etc there are lots of different options for what could be classed as a bonus
Each bonus should give a small increase and make a campaign easier, but none of them should be a game changer - nothing too powerful.
It would mean jumping into Legendary with the bonus system turned on but not having purchased any of the bonuses would be a very difficult fight. Whilst legendary with a full compliment of bonuses relevant to your play style should be easier than current legendary playthrough.

Enemies would also scale, e.g.
Easy = no bonuses for the AI
Normal = AI had some of the bonuses
Difficult = AI had many of the bonuses related to their faction
Legendary = AI had most bonuses related to their faction (not all to allow the player to earn the edge over the AI for replaying the game)

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