Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

A few things I think might really add some spice:
*Variety in your reinforcements. Almost all of the available reinforcements have two turret slots and cost between 3-4.5k scrap. Why would you buy a ravager when you can buy a nightingale? Why buy a raven at_all? How about some ships with three turrets in there? Perhaps some better carrier options?
*Upgrade core attributes of your ship - speed, hull, turn rate, cargo capacity etc.
*More variety in the weapons. Hear me out on this - right now almost all the weapons are line of sight, if they hit you, you're in trouble weapons. I would love to see an area of effect weapon similar to a grenade (perhaps a Nuke revamp?). Or a weapon that jumped from target to target, dealing progressively less damage a la Mutalisks from StarCraft. Teslacoil strikes me as a great candidate here.
*Further delineating weapons from systems. Right now there is almost no incentive to build a teleport, escape pod or shield boost, because a weapon is almost always the better pick. Change that by giving ships a "system" slot that is separate from weapons or hangars.
*More variety in cargo capacity - right now every ship, regardless of size, has the same cargo capacity. I'd like to see some variation here to encourage you to get something other than the biggest, most powerful ship.

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