Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

I've been thinking about a new game mode that would be really fun. Basically, it would be a defense type mode where your objective is to protect the only battle station in the sector. You would be able to arm your battle station as you see fit and you would start with a ship of your choice. There would be "mercenary" or "allied" ships throughout sector that you control from the map screen to build a wall of defense or go on the attack. The enemy would also only have one battle station which you would have to destroy to win the round. The devs would not have to add anything new (with the exception of being able to arm your battle station) to the game. It would just be a matter of changing the objectives. This game mode would bridge the game types of "First Contact" and "Harbinger".

An element that could be added to the game would be that the more territory you control, the more money and upgrade points you earn every time you take a turn. The icing on the cake would be to have 2-4 AI opponents in a battle free for all! Maybe even have battle stations that you can capture to gather more resources and gain strategic points on the map much like a choke point (I know this is already possible bc when I open a crate that is a trap which calls in another race, the two AI's will battle each other).

Now I'm not a dev so I have no idea how hard this would be to accomplish but it would add so much more depth to the game. At the very least, give us an endless mode! Haha. I love this game.

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