Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

Hello !
First, thank you for the game. It has many things done right.

An now, here is a suggestion : probes
It took that idea from that age old game, super star trek.

The idea is that probes could be sent to systems in which we aren't, and do things there.
Exploration : when on the map screen, we would have 2 choices
Select an unexplored area and send the probe : at the end of the turn the probe would be sent and always jump into the system bringing it closer (in coordinates) to the destination. The probes moves 1 system every turn. If all connections to the probe's system leads further than the destination, then the probe halts.
The probe sends information of every system it is in (the same type as scans from neighbouring systems). So it is a tool to map the area and see what occurs further away.
If if we select a known system : then the probe would select the shortest path an get there (moving on system every turnà

When it halts, the probe would do different things, depending on the system type :
Monitoring : if it is a regular system, the probe would stay there, and keep scanning (same info as capital ships neighbouring systems)
Distress : if it is a magnetic cloud, then when stopping the probe would emit a distress call, then die.
Bomb : if it is a black hole, then the probe would dive into the black hola and cause an explosion destroying or severely damaging everything in the system.
Harvest : if it is an asteroid field, then the probe would start harvesting scraps from the asteroids, until the player gets there and collects it (automatically, in the same way we collect from scraps safe systems). Then the probe dies. The more we wait, the more scraps harvested. So it could be a nice move to send it to an asteroid field we know we would explore later in the game.

What do you think of it ? I fell that it would really add a new dimension to the game.

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