Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

With the PC release so close I know that changes now would be difficult but a few suggestions are to
1. show the weapon slots on the ship select screen.
2. Have an augment slot for each ship (to please those who want a little extra armour for that fat carrier or faster fighter production.)
3. To have a fleet perk at the ship select for a minor bonus.
4. Stations only seem to stock energy weapons so having conventional weapons a little more accessible early game would be nice.

The game feels generally complete and in my opinion only wants for minor augments at this point.

A few things I think might really add some spice:
*Variety in your reinforcements. Almost all of the available reinforcements have two turret slots and cost between 3-4.5k scrap. Why would you buy a ravager when you can buy a nightingale? Why buy a raven at_all? How about some ships with three turrets in there? Perhaps some better carrier options?
*Upgrade core attributes of your ship - speed, hull, turn rate, cargo capacity etc.
*More variety in the weapons. Hear me out on this - right now almost all the weapons are line of sight, if they hit you, you're in trouble weapons. I would love to see an area of effect weapon similar to a grenade (perhaps a Nuke revamp?). Or a weapon that jumped from target to target, dealing progressively less damage a la Mutalisks from StarCraft. Teslacoil strikes me as a great candidate here.
*Further delineating weapons from systems. Right now there is almost no incentive to build a teleport, escape pod or shield boost, because a weapon is almost always the better pick. Change that by giving ships a "system" slot that is separate from weapons or hangars.
*More variety in cargo capacity - right now every ship, regardless of size, has the same cargo capacity. I'd like to see some variation here to encourage you to get something other than the biggest, most powerful ship.

@FortyInRed wow, good points!

Adding to your "variety" point - there cold be ships with like 4-6 turret mounts, but zero or 1-2 point defense.. and just the opposite - there could be ships with 0-1 turret mount, but with like 10 point defense slots.. would enable more tactics for the fleet management..

+1 for all the points.

I've been thinking about a new game mode that would be really fun. Basically, it would be a defense type mode where your objective is to protect the only battle station in the sector. You would be able to arm your battle station as you see fit and you would start with a ship of your choice. There would be "mercenary" or "allied" ships throughout sector that you control from the map screen to build a wall of defense or go on the attack. The enemy would also only have one battle station which you would have to destroy to win the round. The devs would not have to add anything new (with the exception of being able to arm your battle station) to the game. It would just be a matter of changing the objectives. This game mode would bridge the game types of "First Contact" and "Harbinger".

An element that could be added to the game would be that the more territory you control, the more money and upgrade points you earn every time you take a turn. The icing on the cake would be to have 2-4 AI opponents in a battle free for all! Maybe even have battle stations that you can capture to gather more resources and gain strategic points on the map much like a choke point (I know this is already possible bc when I open a crate that is a trap which calls in another race, the two AI's will battle each other).

Now I'm not a dev so I have no idea how hard this would be to accomplish but it would add so much more depth to the game. At the very least, give us an endless mode! Haha. I love this game.

You all have very good ideas, it's fantastic to read these. And I always am, believe me. You should be playing Endless mode within a month. Once we get the final update out and the PC game launched we will have some time to regroup and see where we are at. We will definitely read all of your feedback and think about our next move, will it be a completely new game or will we still update Harbinger.

Hello !
First, thank you for the game. It has many things done right.

An now, here is a suggestion : probes
It took that idea from that age old game, super star trek.

The idea is that probes could be sent to systems in which we aren't, and do things there.
Exploration : when on the map screen, we would have 2 choices
Select an unexplored area and send the probe : at the end of the turn the probe would be sent and always jump into the system bringing it closer (in coordinates) to the destination. The probes moves 1 system every turn. If all connections to the probe's system leads further than the destination, then the probe halts.
The probe sends information of every system it is in (the same type as scans from neighbouring systems). So it is a tool to map the area and see what occurs further away.
If if we select a known system : then the probe would select the shortest path an get there (moving on system every turnà

When it halts, the probe would do different things, depending on the system type :
Monitoring : if it is a regular system, the probe would stay there, and keep scanning (same info as capital ships neighbouring systems)
Distress : if it is a magnetic cloud, then when stopping the probe would emit a distress call, then die.
Bomb : if it is a black hole, then the probe would dive into the black hola and cause an explosion destroying or severely damaging everything in the system.
Harvest : if it is an asteroid field, then the probe would start harvesting scraps from the asteroids, until the player gets there and collects it (automatically, in the same way we collect from scraps safe systems). Then the probe dies. The more we wait, the more scraps harvested. So it could be a nice move to send it to an asteroid field we know we would explore later in the game.

What do you think of it ? I fell that it would really add a new dimension to the game.

Second suggestion : monitoring deal with stations
Maybe could we pay stations, to let them send us data from their system and neighbouring systems from a number of turns.
Or they could also send a probe (see previous suggestion) for a given price.

This opens the door for different station types (on top of the different strength there already are) :
Some would monitor their system only, some could monitor neighbouring systems too.
Some would be able to send probes, some wouldn't.
The could also be a maximum amount of damages that a station can repair per turn (or until you leave the system and come back).

Back to the probes, I imagine other possibilities when the probe halts :
Getting help : if there is a friendly ship in the system the probe halts, then a dialog would open and the ship would propose its help. If we accept, then it starts moving, one system per turn toward us. Then the probe stays there and keeps monitoring the system.
monitoring/probing deal : if the probe halts in a system with a starbase, then a dialog opens proposing to start a monitoring deal with the station (or send another probe, if there is the option). Then the probe stays there and keeps monitoring the system.

I usually play game before sleep on phone. But sometimes I fell asleep. When i wake up phones battery is dead or very low.
So it is possible to add some auto lock function at least after 5 minutes of game inactivity?

I absolutely love this game. I think it would be cool to have more then just two ships that you can add into formation. also I think there should be a lot more ships to choose from other then just 20 or so. maybe one for each five levels or so from her on? also maybe a ship that can max out up to 6-8 heavy weapons as on hard it becomes close to imposible with just a mx of 5. maybe even new weapons like a burst lazer or multi beamed lazer. There is just so much more you can add on to this game and iam sure that it was left open for peoples advice to improve it on our oppinions

Okay, I have a few ideas, some radical, others fairly simple, lets start crazy.
Ship classes. I am hoping that if you do follow this path or would have certain weapons for each class, torpedo's for lighter ships, rail cannons for cruisers, drones for capital ships. What I would hope for that to allow, is a sort of 5 man fleet, where each player chooses a sort of class, with varying ships in. Enders game style.

Ok lets move away from ambitious to ideas that make more sense. Obstacles. YES this is a space game, and generally speaking space is empty, but there could be small cluster of asteroids or a small nebula cloud to hide in... If there are nebula clouds, a sort of radar/seeker. More ships and more enemies so battles are bigger, mainly just for PC because of the controls.


*we now proceed with our scheduled broadcast* I feel as if space is ironically empty, needs events. Maps are too narrow and don't let you freely move, too ordered.

I do stress that you move away from the mobile gaming platform for this game because there I soo much more you can do.

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