Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

Okay, I have a few ideas, some radical, others fairly simple, lets start crazy.
Ship classes. I am hoping that if you do follow this path or would have certain weapons for each class, torpedo's for lighter ships, rail cannons for cruisers, drones for capital ships. What I would hope for that to allow, is a sort of 5 man fleet, where each player chooses a sort of class, with varying ships in. Enders game style.

Ok lets move away from ambitious to ideas that make more sense. Obstacles. YES this is a space game, and generally speaking space is empty, but there could be small cluster of asteroids or a small nebula cloud to hide in... If there are nebula clouds, a sort of radar/seeker. More ships and more enemies so battles are bigger, mainly just for PC because of the controls.


*we now proceed with our scheduled broadcast* I feel as if space is ironically empty, needs events. Maps are too narrow and don't let you freely move, too ordered.

I do stress that you move away from the mobile gaming platform for this game because there I soo much more you can do.

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