Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

I want to see some crew management along with better ships so far the Harbanger is the best ship in the game. Iwant a Battleship larger the harbanger without landing bays. And the drop rates for new alien weapons is really low. maybe make it so we can buy the stock version after defeating a race?

I didn't see if this has been requested before, but a battery meter for the mobile version would be great.

Battery meter is a good idea.

Guys keep in mind that they are basically done with this game and can't support it forever. They have to move on and make more games. As such, we probably want to keep requests to small and reasonable stuff that can be relatively easily implemented without a lot of regression testing.

Yeah but maybe through these requests, the devs could get really good ideas for the sequel to this one.

Hello. This is the first game forum I've joined in years. That's how much I like this game. It's great to have a dev team that pays this much attention to the users.
That being said, I've been playing for about a week on Android and have gotten to level 8. Here's some things I'd like to see.

The higher level player ships don't seem to be that much more valuable in terms of shields and hull. The Memphis has less hull and shield than the Hurricaine. The Valhalla has abysmally low shield and hull compared to the Avalon. Tha Valiant has less hull than the Achilles.
I would like to see the heavier ships provide, not only more firepower and/or fighter bays but heavier shields/hulls. It gives you something to look forward to as you progress and might allow you to advance faster in the earlier stages of a new game.

Another idea would be to get upgrade points to spend between games based on your level. These would let you alter some of your starting stats. For example, you could use them to have more scrap at the start of a game or a small increase in ship stats.

I'd like an additional game speed that's faster than currently available.
Have a way to upgrade a ship's hull and base speed. Maybe extra engines and armor. You wouldn't even need to add a new slot type for engines or armor If you bought a new engine it would simply be reflected in the speed and or hull strength.

There's a lot to be said for progressing in a game to obtain better enemy weapons but the available Human weapons are all pretty weak even when maxed.

I'd like to disable the hints at the beginning of a new game/map and disable autofocus on Android.

I notice some ships are locked as wingmen even though I can afford better ships. For example the Afterthought. I'd like to have a way of knowing when a ship will be unlockable during the game.

These are wishlist items and even if you did nothing new to the game I'd still play because it is a great game.
Thanks for your hard work.

Greetings, @Flyingcursor!

Glad to have you on board, Commander! Today we got new computers after developing games with really slow ones for many years. It's pretty great to have some more power, it was sorely needed.

Thank you for the feedback! After 1,5 years of development on Harbinger we have now started on a new game. It will once again be a long journey but we hope you stay with us all the way, we will certainly put up some really nice blog or something to show you all the progress from beginning to end!


I would strongly suggest a "Save" Feature. To save a game and continue at a later point or say you died and simply want another shot at it.

I'd love the option to make individual fighter groups/gun points prioritize enemy ships, fighters, or point defense.

I don't want my Gatling guns to shoot the hull of the enemy right next to me currently being pounded by my death rays. I want them shooting down the enemy missiles cascading down from the far-off starbase.

Or maybe I want one of my ships to run anti-fighter operations while the others target big ships.

I'd love to be able to play as another Allen race or be able to use their ships.

When you start the game, you get to pick your ship, then you are presented with the mission. Many times when I get the mission I think, I should have picked that other ship!

How about when you start a new game your get the mission first, then you are taken to the ship selection screen and you can pick a ship more tailored to the mission.

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