Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

From a fine Commander elsewhere:

Hi finally i finished the normal stage(lol)
Today i will report about some bug.
1.item for quest disappear. It shows that map has supply for delivery but i see nothing and finally i fail that mission
2.item divided problem. Ex. I have 4 signal + 2 signal. I want to be 5 + 1 but it cannt

Here is my feedback
1.teleport should has more distance(it will be useless if it has too short distance)
2.Crew ability
3.Special ingredient to make weapon or buy.
4.Alive planet

1.sonic wave
2.emp wave
3.spacemine turret
5.hack bot capture
8.torpedo(slow but silent ,hard to detect)

1.crew tranfer + ship capture
2.Special event like miniboss etc.

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