Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

I would love to see individual ship models to have effectiveness factors e.g. on point-defence, shield variables, main batteries according their type, fighter/drone type, etc.

Currently it only makes sense choosing the heaviest of the available ships. Or essentially only heavy carriers because even the "capital ship" is kind of useless with it's high armor repair cost and no fighters.

Having ships with more individual roles, would in my opinion add to replayability value, when you would have more diverse (yet still effective) options to arm your fleet. Especially when playing on hard difficulty I feel currently only "Valiants" are usable.

Some ideas for ship specializations:
-Support: Improved repair and recharge system effectiveness.
-Point-defence: Improved point-defence effectiveness.
-Missile: Improved missile bomber and missile battery performance.
-Artillery: Improved projectile cannon ROF and/or range.
-Plasma: Improved ROF and/or accuracy for light plasma weapons.
-Armored: Armor negates n-amount of received projectile damage.
-Shielded: Shields negate n-percentage of received shield damage.
-Light: Maneuverable, small change to dodge large projectiles (simple pass through?)

Then finally my list of grievances:
1. Teleport is obligatory in the end game.
2. All ships are super slow -> no point on using light ships.
3. Only high range (800+) weapons are effective/safe to use in the game.

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