Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

Hi Battle Fleet Omega!

We will update the game next week at the latest with 1 new playable human ship and 5 playable alien ships. We also added some 3 ships to reinforcements. This update was made in unison with having to change the name of the game due to trademark issues. A game being "dead" means it is not getting many new players, or at all. Harbinger is going towards this, but still hanging on a little.

This is the life cycle for every game out there, but some games stick longer than others on the top selling lists of stores getting steady visibility. It's all about the visibility. As game developers we have to work with this and make decisions based on what our income is. Unfortunately we cannot update Harbinger indefinitely as that would lead us to be without jobs, if the game was selling well all the time we could update it much much more and much much longer.

Hope you enjoy the next upcoming update and stick with us until the new game arrives! Smile

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