Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

Hello, Harbinger players and developers!

After my roommate started playing Rebel Galaxy I found the urge to find a quality game in the genre for my tablet and I'm overjoyed that I found this one. I'm happy to say I just finished an epic run through Endless Easy that ended predictably in sector 19 against the final encounter against the Unknown. There was simply no way to survive the immediate onslaught from the Unknown Battlestations.

Anyway, I read through many of the posts in this thread and have a few suggestions of my own...

1. Running the app mutes any podcasts or audio I'm running in the background, which really bothers me because I like to listen to otherĀ things while I game. I'm running iOS.
Very doubtful that the developers can or will change this for me, but that's the most important issue to me.

2. A method to boost the hull of your ships would be nice and might help late game balance. My suggestion would be to have a module on each ship that's dedicated to the Armor for the ship.
Of course, this would probably take a lot of balancing work to implement properly.

3. Movement speed is a common complaint. I know this is intentional, but the game might benefit from a movement speed boost all around.

Thanks BugByte for this awesome game, and I really hope to see additions or sequels to this title! The world needs more games like this one.

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