Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

At my last game, with Trademark and 2 Valiant i made level 17 at normal dif without any teleport or red shield. I could continiue but i made a mistake willingly (try to fight point blank against 10 ships) because it get bored.

I tried an Armada when i lost one of my valiants and it survived 3 jump...

I can understand the devs and their "we failed at balance" point but they made tons of patches for this game and i can't believe they just did not fix this. I opened some end game ships but they are totally useless and not better at all rather then 1 Trade 2 Val combination. They are fast maybe but the 2 Val you will get is dead slow.. so what's the point?

After 17 level i saw this:

1. You get better and better red batteries..
2. You get slightly better secondaries..
3. You don't get a fighter squad drop..
4. You don't get any better shield as secondary or primary.

I think the devs played their game, so you don't need to be Einstien for this.

1. The only survivable ships are heavy carriers and total you have "8" bays and "11" main batteries with 1 Trade - 2 Val combination. This is the only combination if you want any endless game.

2. I got 8 bay on a carrier game and i don't have any option to get any better fighter drop? How do you miss that? Really.. this is not balance problem, this is like you don't have new guns at a FPS shooter.. this is a huge fail..

3. Game got only red weapon drops to make you able to fight with more tougher enemies. You dont get any better ship updates as HULL and Shield; you dont get any bay updates; your secondary weapons are useless because all the fighters in game are same HP.

AND i have carriers. A carrier game with main battery drops as the only weapon at a endless game..

4. As the secondary weapons get power and range, the rocket based weapons with destructable projectiles are TOTALLY USELESS. End.. You got 11 rocket tower with all updates up and even a single ship can destroy most of them. So Death ray and huge proton cannon with some very high level flak cannons are your only option as usable weapons in game.

5. No secondary shield drop with more power.. Why? We dont have any hull or shield update to the ship, and you don't let us have any more powerfull shield drops? After a level number, you shields get "one" hit even you got 6 full updated secondary shields. The game lacks totally at ship durability. How could you miss this?

6. End level item.. they always crap..uter crap..

This game looks much variaty to use against enemies. BUT NO.. you got only one combination: 1 Trade - 2 Val with repair and bolter drones and deathray-proton cannon main batteries with nearly full shield secondaries. After this line you don't have any reason to play this game.

New alien ships are totally useless and a time lose for devs when there is so clear problems to handle. I don't know the reason why they did not fix those with so many updates and they made more and more useless additions..

At least give us:

- Bay drops with more powerfull fighter/bombers..
- Secondary shield drops with more powerfull versions..

Those 2 should be 1 day dev jop, even they can do it at their free time and it could save this game a bit as a carrier fleet command.

- Add Dreadnought class main battery ships with at least 4k Hull and 8+ main batteries.

You could add 3 more ships to this game without making any effort.. If the game was modable, i would add them in a weekend for free..

- Special Slots or update system for hull/shield/speed..

This is maybe the only time consuming update, you should done already..

I know the game is older, i know devs don't want to give more time and money for this game.. BUT you will give 2-3 days to add those i said at max.. 3-4 battleship, bay drops and making ships more tougher to survive against enemies at late level..

Those are very simple things to do.. Please.. i love this game so much at my phone so i beg you to give 2-3 days for a final patch.. don't care rebalancing.. we don't need balance.. because game goes unbalanced already at endless after some point.. so just create them..

If you don't do this, i will hope another dev team to make a game like this.. but why would i wait when we got already finished one and need some very little touches..

Sry bad english.. thx.

So do you have any plan to make a paid expansion or DLC.. i am ready to throw money..

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