Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests


i just picked this game up on a whim as someone shared it on reddit... so far, i really love it - if you want ideas for features, i'll do my best to dream up some things:

>assign commanders to the ship that would change the base stats of a ship.

then perhaps give the commanders upgradeable stats and a point system upon level up.

commander stats could relate to the ship (speed, shield, hull, etc); the various properties of each weapon type/utility (longer range/higher damage cannons, +1 drone production, +1 cannon burst) or relate to the amount of resources you collect/the cost of upgrades (-10% drone upgrade cost)


another request, basically straight out of FTL: is targeting and health of subsystems... so when you select an enemy ship and that targeting ring pops up, you would also see a list of their modules (maybe as an inner or outer ring) and you can target specific ones to disable them.

if your subsystems take damage, their performance would decline, and you could implement some means towards repairing them in real time.


i like the black hole idea, perhaps a gravity gun/tractor beam type weapon would go along nicely with something like that, so you can push/pull enemy ships towards them, and also use it to save your wingman from death by black hole... stars, as well, where if you get too close, you start to lose hull and could ultimately be destroyed by it...

gravity could also effect the trajectory of certain projectiles...

perhaps also, if you're using a carrier class ship - be able to use a tractor beam to just snatch up some of those smaller ships, which you can convert to as your own drones... that'd be like a separate weapon for the drone bay.


faster ships, for sure... they're really quite slow right now, which has it's own strategic merit, but perhaps adding a few faster ships that can respond quick enough to dodge missiles, but also have lower hull strength to compensate.


deployable/destroyable mines...

maybe some with different characteristics: nuke to kill hulls, emp to kill shields, gravity to slow ships, blockade that can stop projectiles and ships, forcing them to go around or destroy it... maybe you could target them like large ships.


+1 for a more fleshed out trading system


side note - your game has been quite well received on reddit:


is there any intent for you guys to push feature updates like this? or are you polling features for a sequel?


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