Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests


also for environments: asteroid clusters/belts, debris like old chunks of destroyed ships, defunct space stations that may randomly launch projectiles or even explode cause damage to nearby ships...


some new quests would be a nice addition

defend space stations: the quest would have a turn limit, like you have to get to that star system in 10 turns to defend the space station.. the longer it takes, the more damaged the station is when you arrive.

destroy enemy space stations: maybe upon arrival at a star system with an enemy space station, you'd join a few NPC commanders in an effort to destroy an entire enemy space station...

some kind of race condition type quest: you're told that there is a package of resources at such and such star system, and that enemy units are now aware of it's position... you have to try to get to it before they do? (x turns)

maybe some kind of station capture mechanic would be fun: there could be a few neutral space stations at various locations around the map, you enter that star system and destroy all enemies to capture it... while the station is under your command, you get a trickle of resources from it every turn or even just access to new tech... if the enemy captures it while you're off elsewhere, all enemy ships get a little bit harder and you could go back to it to reclaim, giving you that little boost and bringing them back down a bit.


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