Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests


Some thoughts I had on the game.

The upgrade costs on the blue short range weapons are rather high, especially if you consider their limited usage compared to the red or green options. A good way to make the short range weapons a viable option is to make them cheaper to upgrade. As you put yourself in harms way for them to be useful the benefits should be bigger than currently.

The "summons" are by far the most powerful option in the game as they offer both offense and defense. I would like to see this balanced out better to make builds without drones more viable. Perhaps their respawn rate should increase with certain upgrades.

Consider a game speed option that speeds everything up. The game can sometimes be tedious due to its slow speed.

More quest types, the escorting, clearing and nemesis get old. Especially because none of them really alter the way you play the game much, you're just going in a different direction. I would like to see actual allies that need help instead of just trader ships. Big scale battles where 6-10 ships fight eachother with bases.

Bases should have different weapons that you could buy. Currently it's always the repair beam shield beam and the energy gun. Would be nice if it was more like a bazaar where you could also get some exotic weapons.

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