Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests


I would love to see more detail when buying new ships.
-How many red (main battery), green (Hanger decks), and blue (sub-weapon systems) options can each vehicle take.

Hull and Shield should be displayed under ship details (green button)
- Current/Full view to know if its worth making the repair.

Cooler animation for "Jump"; B5 always had that awesome vortex, I want to see something like that.
- Animation is First contact is different and is cool to look at.

Add dedicated "Jump Gates" to launch from one side of map cluster to another.
- This could add additional play options as invasions (add into survival mode?)

Add Home Planet Invasions or launches
- This mode would have a person collect money for a very large fleet and could move around a map cluster to invade and capture a planet; this could help gather more resources to build battlestations in a larger universe.

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