Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests


From a commander at Toucharcade:

just a few suggestions. i really enjoy the game and think the following can help make it greater!

- fighters should be able to target other fighters manually if i want them to engage in enemy fighter craft or more importantly, so they can hunt down that one pesky fighter that keeps me from finishing that level because my main ships can't take him out with slow weapons.

- more weapons, many more weapons! more variety.

- ability to name/rename personal ships.

- have ships stop trying to shoot down missiles AFTER it has passed their ship. i notice both my units and enemy units will chase down missiles that have long past their bow. it's not affecting them so why bother? it takes them out of the battle.

- full screen (i know you're working on this)

- cloud save possible?

- ability to see which space sectors i already visited?

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