Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests


I've tried reading through all of the suggestions a few times but am always getting distracted by work (damn jobs!), so I'm going to just throw mine out there and hope that at least one or two are new Smile

Ideas I /think/ are new or at least variants of other suggestions:
* Ability to specify targets per ship. ie, I want my ship "A" to target enemy "1" with its missiles and I want my ship "B" to target enemy "2" with its missiles.
* Ability to disable specific weapons.
- Would allow the ability to save scrap from the repair beam when repairs aren't immediately necessary (if you're full enough on hull or if for example you're close to a base).
- Would allow the ability to focus volleys if/when your weapons have different firing rates and/or when working on closing in on an enemy.
* More levels and/or endless mode (ability to continue moving to new maps, each increasing in difficulty).
- A new set of campaigns to be played individually and/or in tandem would be awesome (I'd even strongly consider paying for a set of new campaigns Tongue).
* "Insane" difficulty.
* Friendly bases to have more of a variety of items to purchase.
* Ability to capture ships and/or bases (the mechanics for it in BS:FC were super neat).
* Better enemy fleet AI, especially for the Nemesis and its cronies.
* More ship properties, ie. max forward speed, acceleration, turn speed, hull strength, shield capacity, etc..
- Also perhaps bonuses to specific weapon properties like turret/aiming speed, firing speed, range, etc..
- Would be neat to be able to tweak them at game setup time (via a point delegation system).
- Would also be cool to be able to upgrade the various ship properties at certain bases in-game.
* Ability to cancel movement. Sometimes you get your ships lined up just right and then accidentally send a move order, causing everything to require re-setting.

Ideas I know for certain have already been suggested but that I'd like to second:
* More ships, including faster ones (fast enough where you could feasibly dodge some rockets/missiles if skilled enough).
* Ships keeping to fleet formation better.
- Additionally, it might be nice to have the ability to change ships' orientation along the axis.
* Location specific ship damage (disabling weapons, etc.).

Things that would be awesome, but that would require more effort than may be reasonable (sequel/BS:HLH material?):
* Race selection, each with different types of ships based.
* Commander and/or Captain selection with unique abilities/bonuses/disadvantages.

..I'm sure I'll end up with more Wink

Love how much interaction you're having with your community.

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