Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests


Good day to you, partners! I bought the game, nice game.

Long story short, here the things i observed;

Weapons are noth that different than each other. It seems like 3 sets of weapons, long ranged missles, mid range energy-particle duo, close range slow laser, which ithink considered to be paired wirh gatlings and teleport gun. Everything is good on paper, however i, most of the time, end up with particle-energy duo. What i want at least is, a sprayer weapon of close range, not burst upgraded particle. I know guns are very versatile in upgradewise, but i wont pair a particle and laser gun and then wait for upgrading the gun,(of course i assume i am using a 3 slot heavy assault to use teleport, but that is another topic to debate) but gun upgrade and gatling upgrades ( which are useless before one or two upgrades on hull damage against missiles and major ships) are expensive to upgrade, and costs too mmany turns of fight. Etc etc. Ithink i made my point.

The second thing is, again i want to try a close range ship, i bought all close range stuff, like laser gun, flak, gatling/laser, here is the thing, i can not catch any other ship in the game therefore i should sacrifice a red slot to teleport, then i can get close. But when i am in range now i can not hit hard enough to prevent my ship being hurt, heavily hurt. This can be prevented by grinding for long turns, upgrading all, but it hurts the rougelike atmosphere. A ship with 2 red slots, and faster, but maybe weaker is needed. IWANNA SOLO THIS GAME, LET ME DREAM ABOUT IT. Ummm ... thanks, sorry for rage.

3rd thing is, there are weapons of human, trolgar, wanderer, celestial, schillae. Who are the celestial and schillae? I mean, it obviously needs an improvement on map. Maybe some celestial pirates? Side questing races? Defending their stuff against celestial pirates? Yes, i am talking about enrichment of map phase.

Game is 4.5 star of 5. It can be 5 of 5. Good work, it worths already the money i spent.

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