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Expanding a bit on the idea of a crew. I would change this up slightly, and say that you instead pick a captain. Each ship would have a single captain slot. The captain would be upgradeable to buff one aspect of a ship's performance. This NEEDS to use a % per level. Let's look at an example. You pick the captain that increases the effectiveness of repair, and you put all your repair beams and repair drones on that ship. Now you have a ship that is really strong at repair, stronger than it would be if you had spread all that repair throughout your fleet. However, that ship is also vulnerable, if you don't position carefully it might get destroyed leaving you defenseless! It may make sense to have a few general captains that don't have to specialize, that way the player doesn't have to specialize either if they don't want to play that way.

I would add a new resource for captain upgrades. Maybe call them medals, and award a single one when the player completes a mission. That way the player can choose which captain to award the medal to after the mission. It fits into the game world nicely!

You could also say that the captain of the player's original ship is actually a commander instead of a captain. Maybe the commander's upgrades should provide slight buffs to the whole fleet instead of only to his own ship>

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