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Greeting my fellow comrades

We have many fine ideas here in mind, however one thing to make the game interesting is looking into temporal technology.

With temporal technology you can phase shift physical objects out of our linear time. In english if a missle with phase shifting technology was lanched at enemy ships no weapon or object will interact with it until it drops the phase shift field it is using which it would drop right after it passes an enemies shield so in essence a gaunrenteed strike unless you are bad at aiming.

A ship can also be equiped with phase shifting technology to be able to take almost no damage while it fires its main guns. Same concept can be used with drones.

The only way to to get around this is to develop a weapon that can interact with phase shifted object is by using another phase shifted object to do the same. This can make an interesting addition to the game.

In order to acquire it however you should be required to research into it by collecting fragments of it and studying it. Once you understand how the system works then you need to do special upgrades to the ship itself in order to even use it at all. However even if u did all your research and upgrades the materials used to create these systems are not made with any known element and thus you should visit planets where there are ruins of such a society that had such technology in order find more of these elements, or destroy enemy research ships that want to recreate it too.

Due to the required research for this kind of technology and need to visit planets this would work hand in hand with the concept crew that many have proposed.

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