Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests


A weapons rebalancing. As of now I don't have any reason to use anything but missiles / nukes and fighters.

I feel it a shame that you have all these cool weppon systems that I don't use at all. Especially the ballistics. Cannons are cool.

Also having better point defence and secondaries would be cool. As of now all I take is bolters because they stop missiles and seem to be the only guns that can hit anything.

Missile as they bypass sheilds and have good range. A weppon that does damage and hits every time? Why would I used anything else. And so I don't.

And fighters because, death at range that will occasionally block a shot intended for you, super good.

Long story short you have a bunch of cool stuff I don't use because its not very good and I think that is a bit sad.

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