Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests


-missile ship from battlestation first contact (BSE Falcon) 2 heavy mounts 3 side weapons speed 22.5 thrusters 26.3 health 1000 shields 250
-battle ship from First contact (BSE Zephyr) 2 heavy mounts 6 side weapons speed 16.2 thrusters 10.8 health 1350 shields 400
-carrier from First contact (BSE Lancer) 1 heavy mount 4 side weapons 2 hangars speed 15 thruster 16 health 600 shields 700
-faster gatling fire rate x1.5
-add ranks (lvl.1 Private (no bonus) lvl.3 Experienced (5% scrap bonus) lvl.7 Veteran (5% thruster rotation speed,10% scrap bonus) lvl.12 Elite (10% speed bonus,10% scrap bonus, 5% thruster rotation speed)...
or if you level up you will get skill points and you can upgrade commander's skills with them

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