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It seems I can't edit my previous post, so here's a new one. :/

There should be a behavior setting for each ship. I know you can break the formation manually. But micro-management like that becomes very tiresome. Especially if you plan to increase the fleet size and ship's speed.
Defend the main ship / Defensive
- Gets in the line of fire to protect the main ship. The main ship is the most important one. If it gets destroyed, the game is over. So you should be able to sacrifice the other ships first.
Hide behind other ships / Passive
- If you have an artillery ship that's weak otherwise, it should have this option to use stronger ships as shields.
Melee battle / Aggressive
- You could set this option for a fast ship with a good hull and shields but without long range weapons. It wouldn't leave the formation completely but it would move away towards and enemy ship to a certain distance from the main ship.

Maybe also make these settings possible for drones. Especially repair drones are, IMO, too prone to being destroyed because they don't try to avoid being in the line of fire. For the drones setting them to 'hide' would have the downside that they won't move out to attack. Also the repair drones wouldn't move out to repair other ships than the one they're attached to.

This would add another strategic element to the game and take away stressfull micro-management during battle.

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