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I like your formation suggestions. An easy way to implement this would be to make formation relative to the targeted ship. (Tagging a formation as relative versus absolute.) That is, if you are in a default formation and passing an enemy on your right side, your formation mambers would swing off to your left, to keep the formation angled behind your ship, instead of your ships' bows.

From here, you have a low of flexibility. By permitting a user to save a formation, you can put together aggressive or defensive formations that serve your needs, which adapt to the enemy's position.

This would permit very (apparently) complex formation behavior, while keeping the rules that formations follow relatively simple.

I hesitate to suggest more intelligent drone management. Even if balanced for less effectivemness, drones are very simple to handle and fight with, requiring little oversight. I would hesitate to give players even less involvement in drones by permitting them to wipe a map by simply selecting an aggressive behavior model for drones and letting them loose. It would almost very upon a game that played itself, which . . . . . . . . can be done well, but in my opinion, isn't what Harbinger aims to be.

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