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From a fine Commander in the community!

Hi guys!

I wasn't sure if I could keep in touch with you through our old Kickstarter conversation so I figured this was a safe bet.

Anyways, I've been thinking about the new content a lot, and I was wondering if you considered your other Battlestation games as sources of inspiration? There are elements in those games that I thought you would include in Harbinger that isn't in the current Harbinger version.

In Classic, you gave us the ability to target an individual aspect of the ship, such as a turret, the shields, the hanger, etc. This made battles more tactical than plain frontal assaults.

In First Contact, the turrets we could build depended upon what technology was uncovered, which in turn depended on how long the Battlestation survived. This, or even a tech tree that we can use scrap (or a new form of currency, which goes solely towards research) to grow.

Also in First Contact, we had the ability to send out a boarding party and take control of an enemy ship. This would be a really cool feature in Harbinger, and I truly hope you consider it. It would be even cooler if the AI could try to board the players ship as well.

Although this is not an old feature, I think it's worth mentioning. Is there any possibility you will increase the max size of the fleet? My only issue with the current max size is that 3 isn't really the number that comes to mind when I hear the word fleet. To me, a fleet includes at least 7 ships.

That's all for now. I hope everything is going well at Battlestation HQ!

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