Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

I'd like to point to SPAZ as a possible model for crew - they behave much like enchanted or enhanced equipment in other games. They have a basic benefit, like engineers (In that game) altering how fast hulls are repaired, but as they jump in rarity level, their effects are mor pronounced, or they carry a greater number of effects.

Rarity isn't something that seems to have a place in BS:H. Regardless, I think there is room for crew members that carry specific bonuses to various categories, and can be 'trained' (upgraded) with the resource of experience - gained as the ship makes kills with that crew equipped. This can be handled exactly like equipment is handled now. Each crew type would be like a piece of equipment, with the potential for growth in their own unique areas - areas like ship speed/turn rate, shield regen, damage mitigation, firing rate/range/damage, etc.

This has the benefit of utilizing, to a very great extent, the mechanics that ship equipment already employs, hopefully making it easier to implement.

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