Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

Lurkily I think it's not so much that rarity doesn't have a place, but that there are not currently enough non rare items in the game to have rare items. This will hopefully change in EE, as they have said they are making many many more turrets and other goodies for us. However I think rare items should exist to some extent, because they make the game that much more exciting. Maybe hidden in asteroids like the current rare weapons, maybe at Battlestations.

Speaking of Battlestations, I don't think we should have to pay 2.5k scrap PLUS 100+ research points for items that are already upgraded. I always ebbs up grinding for 15 minutes trying to get a mega plasma cannon from the first Battlestation. I think if it already has the upgrades, we shouldn't have to pay the upgrade points. Or just sell them Vanilla. Regardless, trading shouldn't involve precious upgrade points!

Could we bring back the auto repair in first contact? That was a great feature, having auto repair as long as your engineers were available to do work. I think the engineer/scientist/marine crew would do well in this game, especially if you also bring back the work they did in FC (Repairs, boarding, research, etc)

Thanks again for being so attentive to your community. That's most of the reason why I supported you in the Kickstarter in the first place! Hope everything is still going well at Battlestation HQ and I hope we get to see that update sometime next month ?

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