Devs: Thank you for the new update. Please consider some simple improvements


Hello BugByte developers. Battlevoid: Harbinger is, in my opinion, one of the best real time space combat game available on mobile platforms. I play it on iOS. It was great to see that you have not abandoned it and released an update this autumn with new content. I do believe that the game would also benefit greatly from some small quality of life improvements. Please consider the following improvement suggestions that, in my opinion, would make the game more rewarding to play and increase it's replayability. 
1. Add an option to disable interface noises, or add a volume slider for interface noises. The game has a loud and annoying sound that plays whenever you click on things. It forces me to mute the sound effects. 
2. Make each difficulty level have a starting credit pool, and make each  starting ship have a credit cost. The current system gives no incentive to use the earlier ships, because you get just as much starting credits regardless of which ship you choose. If the starting ships had assigned costs, then the player can decide to pick a weaker ship but have more money to outfit it. That's a better game balance option and greatly increases replayability. 
2b. Along with #2, the player should be able to replace their flagship as they progress. This further adds to the complexity of decision making with choosing a starting ship, and also is good game design because it allows you to grow stronger and more capable as you advance in the game. 
3. Do not allow player ships or enemy ships to jump on top of eachother. In the early game it is like cheating, in the later game it is like always having a random chance to lose the game. There is nothing worse than losing your grand fleet to an enemy fleet that jumps right on top of you with no way to react and save your ships. 
4. Make adjustments to the mission system for better balance. Currently, the mission system at space stations is very strange. You can just keep declining missions with poor rewards until you see a high reward mission. Because each station will only have one mission once you accept, there is no incentive to ever take the low reward missions. In addition there is a strange mission that requires you to pay to take, which does not make sense. 
5. Raise the recruit-able NPC ships health / shields. The recruit-able NPC ships generally have similar or even lower health than a single enemy ship, which means they often are destroyed. And as you have no control over them, you can't even keep them out of the melee. As they are quite costly to recruit (if you can't recruit them with a mission), it is rarely worth it. 
I'm sure there are plenty of other improvements that can be made but I tried to keep this list to very simple things that should be easy to adjust yet will make the game significantly more enjoyable to play. Thank you for considering these suggestions. 
P.S. As I think BV:Harbinger is such a great space combat game, I also feel that if you made some significant improvements, you should re-release it on mobile platforms. The game is still better than most space combat games on mobile and I would expect the re-release to be successful. 



Thanks for playing the game and thank you for taking time to write such great feedback. You have some great ideas there. I especially like that idea of starting ships costing credits. Perhaps we can find time to implement some updates at some point again. We haven't been able to be very active with updates for some time, we're running out of finances and are hopeful that the game we've been working on for a long time will bring us much needed stability.

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Yes, I'll be part of the Space haven beta testing team when the time comes...

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