Miscelanious Suggestions for Space Haven "updating list"

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No micro transactions/limited small DLC packages that are every six months.

No overly long grinds to artificially extend game longevity.

No Social justice nonsense, keep "identity" politics out of the game.

Add water requirements for realism purposes.

Add backstory to each crew and personality

Add top and bottom floor building ability, so you can build up down left and right, opposed to just on a flat plane. "if not a problem to do so"

Give a LOT of ship building room, depending on game engine constraints.

Salvaging ships you encounter. Allow the full ship to be salvageable hull included, even technology and logs obtained from said ship, or even transfer your crew to the new ship for you to fix and use. In order to balance this, make the following adjustments. More advanced ship parts/segments above tier 1 would require materials to research, and materials to upgrade those parts to the next tier. Upgrades and research can go on indefinitely to provide slight bonuses, increase weight, efficiency, and many other avenues. Example would be a smaller but more technologically advanced ship would be more efficient, but more costly to upgrade and research to that point. A larger un upgraded ship would be less efficient but provide more room. You could even upgrade hull segments/reinforce them making them more durable, allowing deeper and more hazardous space travel but also making the ship use more energy to jump. Hazerdous space travel could be anything from inhospitable temperatures/radiations/toxic acidic gas clouds to asteroid collisions/electric storms, weapon attacks vs your ship hull, alien bug attacks ect ect.

Allow quite a bit of crew. At least 25

Allow the game to continue after beating it, IE, jump to a new system "harder difficulty" with your current ship and crew. Allow this to continue indefinitely as a way of earning a "top score" achievement for other people to beat. But in each difficulty make equipment and research/parts able to be better and or upgraded. This will greatly increase the longevity of the game. As a side note, maybe granting more room to build your ship out of can also be a reward for beating more difficulties.

Focus a lot on alien enemies/ship battle engagements and boarding engagements too, also ground mission, station missions, planetary rescue missions, underground extermination missions ect ect.

For example, we see how movement works already in game by seeing the game play videos. This could be incorporated exactly the same way for planetary exploration or asteroid/station exploration. You could in theory enter an elevator, lowering you to a point of interaction. Like a hollowed asteroid you explore like a maze like facility where mining took place, same thing could work for exploring planet caverns to eliminate alien infections or rescue humans that could potentially join your crew. All you need is just different background images really. Youd probably need to use a loading screen like you do with warping to a new sector. The screen could end with your shuttle landed at the point of entry to the elevator/facility. Thats how you can incorporate planets with minimal effort. You could do so much with this. You could in theory even send a crew to an established colony to shop for better space suits, food, material, equipment or even quests they want done.

Lets have Star ship trooper bug aliens/ Zerg continually evolving aliens, and even "grey" aliens. I say this because alien enemies can create TONS of replay ability as they can continually and indefinitely improve and get harder You dont even theoretically have to change their looks much, maybe a different color, some spikes here, larger body part there or flashy new armor and weapons depending on the type of alien it is. Human style opponents do not offer so much replay ability and it would limit the games longevity, but indeed do have human factions and opponents too, but make the main enemy be aliens. Give us an Xcom feel in space with ship to ship combat and take the coolest features from all these sci fi themes/games and movies we all love.

Slain enemies can even provide multiple facets of game play, for instance, autopsy an alien, learn its weak points, how to communicate/domesticate/farm it, maybe learn a new technology, learn a new material through research, maybe get a rare material from the corpse, maybe an equipment it had on it, weapon, armor, suit, tracking system, the avenues are endless.

Make exploration, and discovery relevant. New species, new technology, new factions, new choices that impact future engagements as well. Cascading events based on what you choose to do and not choose to do. You didnt save that colony on mars? Well now it is an alien spawning ground. You did save that colony? They gave you a top secret blueprint they were working on for years. See what I mean?

Add random space encounters/missions. Obtained by various means. Exploring a ship could yield a log to a destination that needs attention for a specific reason. Visiting a colony can act the same way. Traveling space you can hear a distress call for a mission ect ect. Limitless possibilities here too. Even a new crew member could come up with his own mission related to his back story. Salvaging food from a derelict ship could unintentionally yield a mission where your crew gets poisoned from the food, or an alien creature stowed away on cargo from it.

Ability to rename crew, assign gender, color, species, equipment, skills, specializations.

Ability to color ship parts or even upgrade and research better ones, researching better parts is a huge longevity plus, even if you play the indefinite number game where all that changes is just numbers, you can do it indefinitely.

Add mod support, another huge boost to longevity as players can than create their own content.

Allow accidental damage to your ship from your crew firing inside of it.

Allow hull breaches and oxygen leaks which can suffocate or suck out crew and cargo.

With these suggestions and what the game already offers I am SURE your game will be a great success and many people, myself included will be playing this game for years and years to come.

PS I am happy to be a backer and see great potential here

Examples of aliens for ideas of artwork purposes




I will update this list as more ideas come to light

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