In case of Space Haven celebration content additions


Periodically when Bugbyte hits a milestone they will update some of their old games.  In the hopes that this is true of Battlevoid Sector Siege, I wanted to put in my thoughts on some update possibilities.
I tried to pick things that are relatively easy, don't disrupt game balance, but would bring some new life/strategies into the game.
Here is my list:

1)  Campaign Unlocks idea:
One way to possibly make campaigns more interesting would be to randomly pick some sectors based on some criteria and as long as the player holds that
sector, they gain a passive bonus.  Many ideas have been considered, but I am thinking this is the perfect use for the current tier 4 research ships which
lets face it...are not currently very useful by the time you could obtain them via research.   BUT, being able to start with them could open up some
strategies.  The Viseo's little auto-probe is super cool for example and we never get to really utilize it.
So, the Viseo, Turbidus, and Harvester would be 3 of the specials.  Maybe add shield drones.
That is probably plenty, but a few other bonuses such as "start with +500 cash" or whatever could be considered.

2) Alternative starting ship.  Currently the Afterthought is the best choice for just about any imaginable start on Legend or even Hard.
Scouts ironically lack vision and get picked off easily.  Phoenix is way too slow.  Conquerer is decent but inferior to 2x Afterthought.
To get a viable alterative, we would simply REWORK the Nightengale into something useful instead of being a "bad afterthought" like it currently is.
This ship does not even get used for reinforcements so it is literally never seen!
Its new stats would be approx:  Cost 2000. Speed 42. Vision 5.  6 Point Defense, 0 bay, 0 red gun. 800 hull, 400 shield.
It would be an ideal scout, tough enough not to get picked off (unlike a group of Scouts), well equipped to fight Guardians and warpnodes.
It is more efficient than the afterthought for early game, at the cost of lacking a bay and due to no big guns, cannot mass well past midgame.

3) Medium Warship.  Basically a larger Phoenix would be good for slugfests and defense. 
Approximate stats:  6000 cost.  4 red guns, 6 Point Defense, 0 bays.   20 speed, 4 vision. 1800 hull, 600 shield.
Similar firepower to the Cloudsave but cheaper, tougher at the cost of no bay and weak vision and really slow speed.

4) Consider changing Bomber Squad Bonus to Bay Efficiency Bonus which adds +5 hangar capacity.  Magically going from 15 to 30 bays worth of bombers is OP
and it autowins pretty much with missile bombers.   Change would make it helpful to all bay strategies but drop its power level significantly.  Hopefully
+5 hangar (with fighters) shouldn't overly affect lag and resource usage, especially since phones are overall better than when SS was released.

4) Balance Tweaks:
a) Drone Fighters need buff.  They cost 50% more and do the same thing pretty much.
300 cost fighters do 4shield,4hull@3sec @300 range = 1.3 DPS      Buffed = 10/10 x2 @2.8s = 7.14 DPS
450 cost drones do 6shield,6hull @4sec @250 range =  1.5 DPS      Buffed = 12/15 x2 @3.8s = 6.3/7.84 DPS

b) Plasma Bombers still bad.  (Remember, only 1 bomber per bay)  40/10 @5s = 8/2 DPS  Buffed = 50/16 x2 @4.4s = 22/7.2 DPS.
Needs better upgradability. Fighters get about 5x more DPS upgraded vs about 3x for bombers.

c) Photon bombers need to be better. Especially since you pass right by Missile bombers which are great.

d) Would be nice to have a longer "defensive" range on bombers based on their range if possible so you could set them to defensive and they would engage at a longer range.

e) Fleet Reinforcements reworked to:  100 for "Support". Some fighters/bombers to help with early game conquest, 200 for "Scouting Party" 1 Afterthought or 3x Scouts, 400 for "Defensive fleet" of 3 phoenixes, 600 for the current highest tier reinforcement (conquerer,invader, phoenix or 2x scout)


Hello, Joe. Long time no see =) Thanks for the suggestions!


(03-26-2019, 08:08 AM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: Hello, Joe. Long time no see =) Thanks for the suggestions!

Of course!  Still love playing all the Battlevoid series, especially Sector Siege.  You did a great job with it and I am looking forward to seeing what Space Haven turns out like.

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