ALPHA Crew Member Question


Hey BB team!

First of all, congrats on the great kickstarter!! What a ride it must have been!

Sadly (or not) I wasnt aware of its existance until today which lead me to jump in the wagon later through backer kit with an Alpha Crew Member pledge.

I wanted to ask the question (that you re probably tired of answering by now, srry for that) regarding the Alpha keys. My guess at this point is that it will go to my email account when the KS backers get them, 2 weeks after the campaign finalised? 

Im not sure at this point cause Ive never backed anything outside of KS. 

If thats the case my only follow up question would be if this would be usable on my Steam account? 

Anyways, the game looks great and I hope to enjoy a year full of alphas and forum discussions. As a fellow game dev, congrats again! 

PS: the pre alpha footage on Youtube has me drooling, it clearly looks like you guys really put a ton of effort before even thinking about doing the KS.


Hey, Fcarril!

Thank you for the encouraging words, and welcome aboard! =)

Yes, you will get an e-mail very soon. Probably within 7 days now. It will have your own special code to access our back-end rewards system and you will get all rewards entitled to you via that system.

The Alpha will be a digital download through our back-end, and later on when we are closer to an official release on Steam and GoG we will give you the opportunity to choose a key for them too, depending on which you want. You will be able to do that
via our own system too.

So yes, you will eventually get a Steam key but we will start with our own Alpha digital download. Stay tuned for the e-mail!


(04-10-2019, 12:18 PM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: Yes, you will get an e-mail very soon. Probably within 7 days now.

is there an exact date for the release? I'm waiting eagerly for the mail.


Wish I could give an exact date but it's depending on a payment being processed essentially Smile

Right now it's looking good it will be this week though!


Is there any list of features included in the Alpha? I would say features that you guys consider fully Alpha state, as in 90% of the functionality done?

If its the list that appears in the website that means we will be getting basically an almost fully playable game, way ahead of most KS or Steam early access titles.


Hey, Fcarril!

There's not a list, but you can watch Youtube videos of game play to see how far along the game is at the moment. KatherineOfSky has played a very recent version.
We've had some time to add some small things but most of our time has gone to set up our own rewards system and trying to get everything done to actually just
be able to send the Alpha out Smile

As the game is till in Alpha there's a lot missing, so the list on the Kickstarter would be for the fully developed game. Although as mentioned on Kickstarter:

"Note that this list of modules isn't a roadmap and may not all ever be finished. We will do our best to implement as much as possible."

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