Best Strategies and Ships for the Different Difficulties


I started this topic so that we players can share strategies and methods to clear normal and hard level and also i cant complete hard XD


Currently the best 4 ships to me are the resolution , avalon , vahalla and the liberator because every time i was able to finish all 3 maps was when i used fighters , alot of them. How do you guys finish hard level tho because they just straight up spawn big ships in every sector for me :/


Hey there Daviylax!

Welcome to the forums. The key to winning is to use the Battlestations in the galaxy to your advantage. Also use the distress beacons strategically to avoid massive fights. You can for example use a distress beacon when you are at a Battlestation to lure the enemies in to be obliterated.

If you find a flak cannon use it Smile It is superb in short range but you have to have something to take out the shields first. Also use missiles and rocket turrets.

Remember that you can repair for free at a battlestation. Use that to your advantage. This is a little brutal but sometimes you might want to sacrifice a ship that you are escorting, let it soak up some of the damage. Hard choices!


What is distress beacon?


distress beacons are items that sometimes drop from larger enemy ships... the little crates you sometimes see left over after you've collected all the resources.

they're unique to each enemy race (wanderer beacon / tralgar beacon)

if you have one in your ships inventory, you will have the option to use it from the map screen... use it, wait a turn and you'll see them come running.

took my a while to figure out that those crates that didn't get sucked up into my ship after battle are available from the ship screen in the red boxes... your ships inventory is the green boxes... you can carry weapons and your beacons there, and use that interface to swap weapons to and from other ships in your fleet...

also, some of the weapons you pick up are seriously upgraded, so selling them nets you a decent profit... my last playthrough, i had over 10K bolts and over 100 upgrade packages left.


as for strategy, carrier class ships are dominant for sure... once you beef up those drones, you're set.

i just beat the game on hard with the Nightengale (scored 3857), two Genesis wingmen, all equipped with bolter drones and some seriously upgraded weaponry... it was actually pretty easy once I had one wingman with 5x bolter drones... the extra wingmans bolters just made it too easy really.

with three sets of drones i could just roll over a fleet of 6 or 7 large ships and an enemy battlestation without breaking a sweat.

i'd just warp into the star system into the furthest possible location from the large ships and send just my drones out after the nearest one... rinse and repeat until it's clear.

by the end map, my three fleets of 5 bolter drones with maxed out hull damage would just annihilate anything quite rapidly, while my ships would just circle around the outside avoiding most incoming fire, and anything that got close, would have two energy cannons with maxed out shield damage / fire rate and two flak cannons with maxed out hull damage to answer to.

all in all, some epic battles - i wish it could go on longer, like more maps to run through or some kind of sandbox-ish mode, and higher difficulty so that even when my ships are heavily tooled up, it still presents a challenge.

this game is awesome though... i hope it remains profitable for the devs so we can see some feature updates and longer term support... but the android gaming market is a fickle beast.


As it's been said, carriers are the key to easily win, even in hard.
Bolter drones will easily destroy small ships and can even handle larger ships with manual targetting. So you should buy them right from the start.
They are also useful at taking out missiles, which are the biggest threat in the game currently, as they ignore shields.

For taking out larger ships, I found out the best is to only equip nukes. (which I think are currently overpowered)
Nukes do 400 damage to hull and 800 damage to shields, have an almost unlimited range, and travel quite quickly. They are expensive (1800 scrap each), but once you aquired one, you won't need to put upgrades in it (as they can't be upgraded anyway), so you can focus on maxing out your number of drones.

So at the end of the day, smaller ships and enemy missiles will be dealt by your drones, and larger ships will be instantly blown by 3 or 4 rockets.

I easily finished hard mode with the Valhalla (Heavy Destroyer Carrier), and 2 Revolutions (Heavy Assault Carrier). With 4 sets of Bolter drones, 1 set of repair drones, 1 set of shield drones (which weren't even needed) and 7 Nukes slots.
You can even warp right into a group of large ships and watch them blow 1 second later.



Lol have anyone else experienced 12 ships jump on u when trying to run? cos it happened once before....12 destroyer class trolgar ships....XD
And also what are your starting configs and what do yoou guys usually go for first when playing hard mode?



This is my starting config for most games, using a carrier of course (at least 1 drone slot).
Right from the start, buy Bolter drones, upgrade their number.

You can now deal with most threats, and handle a single large ship with manual targetting. Save your money, then put 1 nuke at minimum.
You can go for one more nuke, or buy a support ship, that you'll equip with drones and nukes eventually.

You shouldn't need to buy lasers/shields at the beginning. Don't hesitate to sell weapons to acquire nukes and support ships easily.


thnkz gergez , tho i tweaked the set up and ran with a offensive fleet that could fight toe to toe


Hello ! My strategy it' ->
[Image: 102442eb32eb.jpg]

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