Sleeping and time skip


Howdy all,

Just downloaded the ALPHA build and spent some cycles fudging my way through to build up a ship. Besides some minor crashes I can say I've been amazed what a robust game this is thus far. 

Now before we continue, I must state that I understand you can adjust individual crew sleep schedules.

I like having all my crew rest up at the same time, get their block of free time, and then begin the new day with a flurry of progress. I just wish there was either a "fast forward until all crew members rested" or a "WARP SPEED" time option where you could add triggers for events when it would change back to normal speed.

Some might call this minor and I would agree with you. I'm sure the team has a lot more on their schedule to knock out, but it'd be nice to see an option like this in the game's final form.

Also, queuing up in the bathroom and having chats in space is humorous and fully allowed in my ship. Just hope HR understands the crew and how close they've all become.
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Thanks for the feedback and playing the game! =) We can give that skipping thing a thought! We've been flooded with things to do so yes you are correct, we will have to prioritize here!


I agree. It's one of the feedbacks I gave in-game. Right now I feel Sleeping doesn't contribute so much to the game and just wastes my time. I remember the dev. of Rim-world also experimented with removing/adding sleep. However in Rimworld, more things happen during the sleep. Here, nothing would really happen. Or maybe not really noticeable. The only function it serves is justifying the beds/bedrooms.

So far I haven't even really paid attention to the people's wishes/needs, simply because i feel the UI isn't very friendly in this aspect. It's annoying to press 'K' and go one by one just to check the stats. I miss < and > buttons.

So I am not even aware how much it impacts. With Rimworld, there were 101 things to do. But here; you're inside a spaceship. Once it's built, it's built ...

maybe they would salvage slightly faster? But I don't think it matters, as the biggest time consumpion of salvaging is the spaceship flying from/to the airlock and the walking from/to the packages. I don't think they walk faster if they're well rested? I dunno.

I know it's alpha; I still enjoy the game; but I think a lot of balancing still has to be done I guess. (and the UI could be made a bit friendlier)

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