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Ok I was just curious if any thought was given regarding this topic.

Currently it's possible to build a ship in any random shape. Now I know in space there's no air/friction whatsoever so I am guessing the shape of a space ship doesn't matter much. But it's a bit weird that we're allowed to build a ship in a completely random shape and it still has no problem to jump into hyperspace?

i was thinking if it was considered whether to have empty ship canvasses; where we can only build inside, restricting us from weird shapes. A bit like Star Drive; where we start off with small hulls, and through research we get access to bigger hulls.

The restriction would, in a way, also improve game play as then we actually have to consider the limited space and not give everybody just a giant bedroom.

Or if that's too restricting, whether maybe fuel consumption will be affected by the shape of a ship. I.E. A cigar shaped ship uses less fuel than a square shaped ship ?


We wanted to keep as much freedom as possible, to enable players to create a spaceship of their own desire. There could be some possibilities to balance certain build types in some ways, let's see how it evolves with time!

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Perfect idea and very important. Need more restrictions which will dictate shape of ship for players. 

Just as example, here is real project of interplanetary nuclear powered tug which developing Roscosmos:
[Image: -энергетический_модуль.jpeg]
At the fore installed nuclear reactor, it produce a lot of heat (first restriction), to spread MW of heat (even in this "tiny" tug it already 4MW) in the middle of tug installed drip refrigerator (it spread in open space drops of coolant and then catch back), as result whole tug can't be short or compact, it need appropriate length (second restriction). Tug use electrostatic propulsion system (plasma/ions/etc), but impossible to put this thrusters close to cargo (especially if cargo is habitable module), so all thrusters installed on distant distance (third restriction).

It is possibly to add something similar. Reactor can be really dangerous, it can need complicated cooling system (which can dictate shape of ship), thrusters can have dangerous zone in space near self which can destroy hull during jumps. As example from real life this is new not used plasma thruster: 
[Image: SPD-140_180208_05.jpg]
while this is how it devours self (even ceramic) with time:
[Image: ZtW56lL.jpg]
In similar way in devours anything close enough to self.

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