Destructive environment


Hi there,
I've caught up with the alpha yesterday, having been a bit too busy to take part with the Kickstarter.

I have to say after a couple of hours, that the game looks and feel very good. It is much better in this alpha stage than the release version of Spacebase DF-9…

So there is right now this "destructive environment" status starting to pop up over my ship installations just after loading an autosave. Everything was running smooth before savequitting the game.
The status is not much informative, O² and CO² are nominal, so I don't know if there is some game mechanic I'm unaware of, or if I've just encountered a bug.

Any idea?


Glad you like the game! =) Have you checked temperature?


Yes, temperature is OK.
I've checked again with the most recent build from yesterday, and now I can see there is a massive air leakage, however not present before save (unless it is a coincidence).


I had this in my game, if you remove a hyperdrive from your ship it can leave a hole.

I also had a corner of a room that had not been built correctly, I needed to set a hull block to be built there.

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