Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate


1000-5000 installs on Google Play after what... a week?

that's not too bad, but when you do the math on say, approximately 2000 units sold @ $4USD/unit - 30% for google - you're sitting at like $5K in your first week of sales?

if that rate continues, $20K/month... less taxes, salaries and other expenses... unless your overhead is low, it's a not a great situation for you guys.

i do hope it works out well for you though, as I'd like nothing more than to see some of the awesome features that people have come up with actually implemented in this game, and for you guys to be able to afford real meat and cheese on your sandwiches!

it's superb as it is, but good community involvement from developers can go a long way towards making a good game great!

piracy on android is a huge issue, and a significant factor in holding the entire platform back from reaching its potential... people complain about the lack of quality games, and then turn around and use that a justification for stealing the few decent ones.

curious, despite the piracy rate, where are you guys so far in terms of your expectations?

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