Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate


unerds you are spot on with your calculations, there is just one thing. We were featured for the first week, the sales will drop at least 10 times after the first week Sad The market is such that the game just vanishes into to oblivion after the first week, and that is if you are lucky enough to get a featuring in the first place. That is very rare and we are extremely fortunate compared to most others in that sense.

It simply is not viable I'm afraid, but we will see where the sales land after the first week now. We would need a $10k/month to survive, currently we are in a situation where we would have to increase our stable daily sales tenfold to achieve that.

It is a very dire situation and the pressure on us is immense. Our next step will be to bring Harbinger on Steam and I believe me might even do a Kickstarter for it to make features that you have suggested stretch goals. And it won't be too significant amount of money to reach the stretch goals either so in that sense it could be doable. This if our current Kickstarter fails.

The community we have is really amazing though, I hope that we can continue to build on Battlestation and make even more epic games as well as update Harbinger.

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