DevBlog #26 - Backers playing first Alpha version.

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Day 24 of the journey, and Ayla has had enough of Cailyn's crap. The hilarious scene above was posted by one of our Alpha players madbird-valiant on Reddit. Thanks for posting it! Had a good chuckle when we saw it =)

This is the first development blog update after our Kickstarter ended. Prior to this we have already done 25 of them during the development of Space Haven! If you want to read and see older posts of how Space Haven came to be you can do so at our own forums. It can be quite interesting to see the very first screenshots and footage of the game =) The posts aren't in perfect order there, so be sure to check the number (#) when navigating.

Shuttles arrive from running errands. Footage posted by JokerINC on Discord.

One of the things we wanted to achieve with Space Haven was to have complete freedom to let you shape a spaceship of your own desire. We have been looking at your awesome looking spaceship creations and want to sprinkle our development blog update with screenshots of them! The screenshots you will see below are all created by you, our Alpha players.

[Image: 7bFLYrC.jpg]
Screenshot posted by Stuka on Discord.

It was exciting times for us when mid April arrived and it was time to let you hop in on the Alpha journey! It's always a bit nerve wracking to put out a game in any state, as a game developer you're always a bit afraid that the game will not be enough.

We are only in Alpha phase right now, but we still wanted it to be enough for a solid beginning! It has been a real joy watching you play and post screenshots, discuss different strategies and report bugs. There's been quite a lot of bugs reported. We want to give our thanks to all of you! =) Remember that you can press F11 when playing for an easy way to send us bug reports. Please be considerate when using this feature as it could easily lead to a flood of reports. Check the already known bugs in the same menu to avoid sending duplicate reports.

[Image: 6yrmcg9.jpg]
Screenshot posted by Darklordiablo on Discord.

We are also very positively surprised by how supporting and understanding you have been. Some of you went out of your way to write us positive encouraging feedback, both through our social media channels and through in-game surveys. We have seen them, and it means a lot to us! Thank you!

[Image: pOOv9Uw.jpg]
Millenium Falcon posted by Onebit on Reddit.

We've been sorting and fixing reported bugs these past weeks, and made some small implementations along the way. Hoping we can focus more on implementing improvements and new features soon! If you are currently playing the Alpha of Space Haven and finding it hard to understand something, join our Discord and chat with others playing the game too! You will be able to find a lot of help for your own journey.

[Image: fvJrgak.jpg]
Screenshot posted by Rob Dee on Discord.

You have also sent us a lot of suggestions and ideas! Keep em coming! The best place to submit them is the in-game survey system, which you can find in the main menu cloud section. This allows for the easiest way for us to scroll through various suggestions. You can see the most recent patch notes in the main menu under "patch notes". Be sure to check the news section too, to see if there's an update available.

[Image: cx1H1QF.jpg]
Screenshot by SirTiller on Discord. He calls his ship the "Fat Frog".

[Image: sIzsh52.png]

About the in-game survey

We are not able to answer your submissions, but rest assured we have read them! This is actually one of the best and most efficient ways for us to gather feedback, and see what kind of features are asked for by many of you.

Would be awesome to be able to send you answers but hey, that's what Discord, Reddit and forums are for =)

Many of you have praised the music in Space Haven, and rightly so! When we started thinking about music for Space Haven we announced it on Reddit and let composers submit their samples for our early alpha demo. Paul saw it, and messaged us. With some back and forth messaging we found a tune that worked, a tune that would later become Nebula Signals. It was a match made in Haven! (Pun intended).

We will be keeping Paul busy, and looking forward to let you hear all the new tracks in the near future! If you want to chat with Paul you can do so on our Discord channel, where he keeps his very own Pauls Music Devlog.

[Image: xE3sovO.png]

Want to join in on Alpha? You can do so now by backing Space Haven on our own store!

It's still possible for late backing for Space Haven. We have our own store up and running. Unfortunately upgrading a pledge is not possible but getting yourself another level of goodies or letting a friend know of the opportunity to join Alpha is there!

You can find our store here:

We are working hard to improve on the game and looking forward to post another update in the near future, stay tuned! =)

If you have any problems with the game or haven't received your Backerkit invite (Reward Code survey and Alpha Access) please send us a mail to [email protected] and we will promptly help you!

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