Battlestation Human Ships



Wow! This is pretty amazing, thank you for creating this! It is really something to see someone enjoy the game so much that they want to create a spreadsheet of it, awesome Smile

We really want to make this game even better for you guys. Let's see what we can cook up for you. But keep up the good work commander!


I would have started making a Wiki for it, but didn't know the first step in doing


i'd love to see the damage per second on the weapons the formula would be ( weapon damage / time per shot ) * accuracy or something similar.


I've been digging into the weapon dps a bit itchyd. The dps calculation is as you say pretty simple. However, including accuracy is super hard as it is dependent on target size and motion. If you just want raw dps, you can usually calculate it for a given weapon configuration based on the upgrade data.


If anyone cares, I made a spreadsheet also, with human ship stats.

It is based on the values that are presented at the ship selection screen. It uses the same color coding. I used the actual values in scaling the number of cells shown.
Orange: Hull strength
Blue: Shield strength
Light Green: Speed
Dark Green: Turning

The carriers are on the left, and the ships without fighters are on the right. Escorts that you can buy but not play as have blue text. The spreadsheet is not labelled, but the two numbers represent the number of main armaments the ship can have, and the number of small armaments. So, e.g. the Nightingale has 2,4 as its values, meaning 2 main weapons, 4 small weapons. Carriers with 2 launch bays have (2) after their name.

If anyone was ever curious about what names like "heavy assault carrier mean", there actually is a logic to it.
Light Carrier = 1 fighter bay
Heavy Carrier = 2 fighterBays
"Scout" = 1 weapon mount
"Assault" = 2 weapon mounts
"Destroyer" - 3 weapon mounts
"Cruiser" = 4 weapon mounts
"Capital" = 5 weapon mounts

So, the Nightingale is a "Light Assault Carrier", which is a carrier with 1 fighter bay and 2 weapons mounts.


I also made a spreadsheet with the DPS of all the weapons if anyone wants to see it. It includes the alien weapons you can find, too. But it's more complex to view all of the stats after getting various upgrades.

What kind of info are you interested to see? How the basic weapon stats compare? Comparison after 2 upgrades? Comparison after maxed out?


I'd like to see a comparison of basic stats, and with each of the stats maxxed out, but that would also mean 2-4 entries per weapon, so maybe not feasible. Next best thing would be to see the basic stats with DPS, and DPS after three upgrades - those upgrades focused on maximum DPS. Whether that's damage, recharge rate, or a mixture.

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