Secnario 2 Fire on Mining Base


I'm playing scenario 2 and had a fire in one of the areas of the mining base. The fire is put out but I can't figure out how to get rid of the smoke. It's the mining base so I can't build anything there, and I've tried to set the air lock to open but the smoke doesn't vent out. Any ideas?


Opening the vent on the airlock should clear it out, but you have to make sure you don't have door vents closed to that particular area, preventing the gases from getting out.
Scrubbers will also clear it out eventually, even if they are in other rooms as long as the smoke is allowed to be passed to areas where there is a gas scrubber.


The issue is though the room is detached from the rest of the mining colony that you start in and there's no airlock, only a spacesuit door connecting it to space. I also can't build anything in the room like a scrubber, or dismantle anything. I'm guessing because it's part of the scenario and they don't want the player to mess up their start.

It maybe more an issue with the scenario than anything. I don't see this problem happening on a player made ship.


Ahh. It's probably the small green house room upper right =) We can re-arrange some things so that there won't be any fire hazard facilities there.
One solution would be to add a gas scrubber in there but there is a CO2 producer so they would cancel each other out.

It should be better now in the upcoming next update! Still need some time with pushing the update since it's going to be quite a big one.


That's the place! Thanks for taking a look at this, I'm loving the game so far.

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