DevBlog #31 - Space Haven Alpha 4 - The Big Mixed Bag Of Goodies Update.

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Girl. You walked into the wrong ship. Now show our Captain Pedro some respect or you gun' get it!

Greetings, Spacefarers.

Time flies when you are working on something cool and we believe this is the most exciting update for Space Haven so far! This big mixed bag of goodies update has it all, the biggest feature updates include:
  • A new alien and the alien behavior implemented further.¬†
  • Hailing and communicating with other factions, with faction relationships, settlements and more.
  • Boarding with the ability to surrender, take prisoners and demand ransoms implemented.
  • A tool to create your own prison areas aboard your ships and take prisoners of your own.
  • AI behavior and user interface improvements.
  • Medical beds now functional with doctors capable of tending to and patching up injured patients.
  • Graphical additions and general improvements.
  • A ton of bug fixes and many more smaller feature implementations and improvements. See full list of patch notes at the bottom of this post.

[Image: yFEPBgt.gif]
This new alien is capable of charging and knocking down your crew members. It also transforms incapacitated crew members to cocoons and drags them to the alien lair.

We added a new alien to the game. This specimen is capable of charging forward like a squid in water, by using it's tentacles to create a forward motion force. This allows it to quickly cover a lot of distance and even ram a crew member or other target.

[Image: KhmowrP.gif]
The alien does its thing on a incapacitated crew member.

Once a crew member has been incapacitated this alien is capable of transforming them to an alien cocoon. This locks the crew member into a paralyzed state, optimal for the alien to transport them.

[Image: TmqGH0J.gif]
Holy shit, those are some big eggs! They don't look like the kind you boil in the morning. We need to get the hell out of here.

The new alien will eventually drag the cocoon to the alien lair and plaster the poor captured crew member to a wall. It's up to you to decide if you want to try to rescue the poor souls.

[Image: rqBAXhf.jpg]
You can now hail and communicate with other factions.

You can now hail and communicate with other factions. Communication is currently done from the bridge module, and once both parties are ready to receive each others transmissions a communications window will pop up to allow you to interact with the other party.

We've also implemented faction relationships, discussion mood, power balance between fleets, the ability to surrender, agree to cease fire and pay settlements. This same interaction system works also for interactions with characters you meet or capture.

[Image: jDf7g9g.gif]

All factions are now capable of attacking not only you, but also each other. Pirates may attack you and take all your crew members captive, then demand a settlement for setting you free. You are able to do the same for any other faction group you meet. Pirates may also attack civilians or any other faction, and the factions can make their own settlements between each other.

A character may give up and surrender to the enemy in the heat of combat, the chance for this rises with every wound the character sustains. When a character has surrendered you can no longer draft or control them.

[Image: GC3EPCa.gif]

We've created a new tool to enable you to create a prison of your own desire. Build a room or many rooms to be used as a prison with more or less comfort. Prisoners would probably appreciate a Kitchen and a toilet would be good too, but neither of these are requirements. It's up to you to decide how comfortable you want your prisoners to be, and if you want them to stay alive or not.

[Image: SWShcoy.gif]
Medical beds are now functional and will help crew members heal from their wounds and Doctors can patch up more serious cases.

Inevitably, all this fighting causes wounds and injuries for your crew members. We've made medical beds functional and linked them to the Doctor skill. Medical beds use IV fluids to help patients heal and give the patient nutrients while resting, and Doctors will use medical supplies to operate on patients and patch up open wounds.

[Image: BUeCWWD.jpg]
Laurie's open wound was patched up by a doctor. She's doing good but feeling a little lonely in the med bay all by herself.

The character conditions system allows us to create injuries, wounds and open wounds. An open wound might cause a crew member to bleed to death. It can heal by itself if the crew member is lucky, but bringing the individual to a medical bed and having a Doctor patch them up will close wound and thus prevent the character from bleeding to death.

How to Update

If you're an Alpha backer or higher you can now update the game either through the in-game update mechanism or through the Bugbyte redeem site:
  • Method 1: You can use the in-game update mechanism. Launch the game and go to main menu and click Update! (You need to be logged in to Cloud with your account you used to redeem your Reward Code)
  • Method 2: Navigate to the Bugbyte redeem site and log-in with your account (Created when you redeemed the Reward Code) to grab the newest build:

We will most likely be Quick Patching the game in the coming days, so be sure to check out the in-game news section frequently.

If you're not an Alpha tier backer don't worry, we are once again one step closer to Steam Early Access, which is when we will send out access also to Crew Member backers!

[Image: pXq1Uwr.jpg]

We love to hear from you guys so don't hesitate to come have a chat with us =) You can connect with us from through the channels below:

We also have our mailing list which is great for keeping up to date with important news:

Need help with something? Send us an e-mail and we'll help you at: [email protected]

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Wishlist on Steam!

Be sure to wishlist Space Haven on Steam and GOG, to be notified of release =)

Full list of patch notes

Alpha 4 - New Features Implemented (NOTE! Saved games are not supported from Alpha 3.)
  • New alien added and alien behavior implemented further. Aliens can now incapacitate your crew members and drag them to their lair to be cocooned to walls.
  • Medical bed functionality implemented, along with tending to patients.
  • Medical supplies added. Injured crew members laying in medical beds need IV fluid as food.
  • Implemented Doctor skill. Doctors can patch up open wounds, this requires medical supplies.
  • Crew might now need medical bed if they get the open wound condition.
  • Implemented communication with other factions. Ability to hail other factions and negotiate.
  • Implemented the ability to surrender, agree to cease fire and pay settlements.
  • Implemented faction relationships, discussion mood and power balance when interacting with a faction.
  • New Surrender rate added for crew members. Some will be more prone to surrender than others during fights.
  • Engine mass limit lifted to 1600 from 1200.
  • Starting resources for scenario 01 and 02 buffed slightly for ice in asteroids, food, tech blocks and energy blocks.
  • Created some new ships for many of the factions instead of just one default ship for everyone.
  • "Scanning" in systems menu has been renamed to "Comms".
  • Logistics can now be turned off for facilities, meaning that new resources will not be delivered to the facility.
  • Improved the functionality of character conditions.
  • Trade is now required as a permission to be able to trade with a faction.
  • Only drafted characters can lock doors in combat mode.
  • Added prisoner area permission tool to build menu. Implemented also support for possible other area permissions.
  • Improved and added new user interface notifications and information texts for various menus.
  • When selecting a blueprint the lower left information menu will show which resources are still missing.
  • When checking a refinery the information will state if you have needed resources stored.
  • Fixed many bugs.


All those features sounds very good and I am looking forward to an early GOG release Smile

About taking prisoners:
will you be able to sell them to slave traders / exchange them for your own captured crew members / or maybe convert the captives to join your own crew ?


(10-15-2019, 07:06 AM)Arturius Wrote: All those features sounds very good and I am looking forward to an early GOG release Smile

About taking prisoners:
will you be able to sell them to slave traders / exchange them for your own captured crew members / or maybe convert the captives to join your own crew ?

Yep! Exchange is already in the game and we plan to make the convert feature possible as well =)

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