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i enjoy the game very much and i am Lv 10 now but one thing drives me cracy - how the hell i can defend against enemy rockets?
I know the cannons like bolter or gatling should be help to shoot down enemy rockets BUT that never works correctly!. They shoot down maybe 1 of 10 rockets. Rockets can bypass shields and iam dead very fast.

Enemy ships shoot down my rockets very well but not my ship...
Enemy big ships can dodge my rockets. On medium distance my rockets miss very much but enemy rockets hit me EVERYTIME cause the player ships are so SLOW.

Thats the only problem i have and up to LV 10 i visit only 2 times the second galaxy! Even if i grind much for scrap and have the best ships and weapons i get killed by rocked on the last sector where the big ships are. What i doing wrong?

In my opinion rockets should doing only half damage on my ship or there should be a weapon or system that kill every incomming rocket. Or rockets should hit the shield first. Or maybe increase the range and angle of the smaller weapons like bolter or gatlings. when they start firing the enemy rocket already hits my ship.


rocket and missile projectiles have an upgradeable hull strength statistic when you buy them for your ship...

meaning that each projectile can withstand so much damage before its destruction.

they start at 25 hit points and they do not have shields.

now, the blue hexagonal weapon ports will target incoming projectiles automatically... so you can use the bolter, gatling and laser weapon, but if you look at their starting hull damage stats (10, 6, 5, respectively) the best bet is the bolter, and it would still need to hit a missle or rocket 3 times to destroy it, which isn't likely to happen.

so, you upgrade their hull damage stat... the bolter with one hull damage upgrade outputs 15 damage, which would kill a missile/rocket projectile in 2 hits...

you have to upgrade the gatling and laser's hull damage twice to get it down to 2 hit projectile kills...

it's even better if you have a carrier, and you upgrade your fleet's hull damage, as they can often land a few hits on a projectile, or sacrifice themselves to block it entirely.

beyond that, it's all about how you orient your ship... using a ship with 2 hex bays on one side, both armed with bolters with upgraded hull damage, you just have to watch where the enemy is going, and keep that side pointed at the origin of enemy missiles.

as for getting slaughtered in the last sector, your best bet is to use a beacon to draw some of them out so you can take them on in smaller batches... waiting turns on the map screen can make a huge difference for you, use it strategically.


or u can jump out and if he follows he will jump in near for u to wreak him with ur close range or jump back in right next to him and having carriers negates the process quite entirely.



Yeah, its all about positioning your ship.
Heading the correct side towards incoming rockets and everything is fine.

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