Ship mass and crew squad

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First of all, thank you so much for this game and this unbelivable solid Alpha. It's a pleasure to play it and to be one of your backers. 

My first question is about ship mass. Is there a possibilty to extend it? In my new game, the limit is 1600. I can rise it to 3100, but after this limit, hyperspace is no more available. I try to build a second reactor, but it does nothing...

Second question : do you plan to let us the possibility to create some sort of squad, specialized in some job, like security/military, logisitc, construction,...
It will be a good thing if it weren't necessary to select one by one all members of your crew you want to send to a derelict ship for exemple.

Hopes i'm clear and sorry for my english, i'm a french cow Smile

Thx for your answer.


Hi there!

The hyperdrive (engine) gives more mass capability Smile Build more engines and you will get more mass capability. The reactor (core) gives you power, but not mass.

Squads for away missions is certainly possible. The others like logistic and construction can already be assigned in the crew management menu (The crew button in the top bar). You can assign priorities there, who should prioritize what Smile

Hope that helps!

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