Independent teams


Would it be possible in future updates to be able to be able to control separate ships and/or bases? For instance, the ability to have a ship hyperspace jump to other systems while other team members inhabit a base. In the original release it was possible to leave ships behind if the crew members were in hibernation, but I believe they became "lost" and couldn't be further interacted with if one tried to return to it. In the newest release it does not seem possible to build hibernation pods to test if it were possible to control different teams in different locations. I can see the logic with not being able to leave a ship behind without crew members in hibernation, but I view bases as different (more permanent). Not a game breaker, just a desired feature.


Hey, danzig70! Just actually answered a similar question on our Discord Smile It's not something we are particularly designing for, since it would require various simulations beyond that of the current player area. But never know how things shape up in the end. Right now another faction can grab your crew member and you can still get them back even if you meet them later on somewhere else. All of these are still open though, because they affect so many things, like saving and keeping data in memory for example.

Not entirely impossible you could leave crew members on bases though, but at this point it's too early to say one way or another.

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