The UI update suggestions


So swamped with work at the moment that it will have to be left for future pondering. It would be a relatively big change, and take hours of discussion to analyze so. Working on ship-to-ship battles at the moment and deviating is well, time consuming Smile


Found some time to have a quick discussion about it, small problems started popping up, like the accidents related to constructing and them instantly degenerating the condition. This would lead to loss of resources instantly as the accident happens. This would also make it more important to have the exact correct person building a certain more important facility (A skill 3 instead of 2 etc.). If the resource is important, a higher tech and higher value resource it starts to become irritating and frustrating easily. Keeping the current system for now. Smile


It sounds logic. But the continous resource decreasing was your interpretation ? The method that I said is a bit easier (for you, the developers): at HP one and above there is everything like now. The only change is at null HP, when the construction is still existing, but you can only scraps retrieve from them (by dismantling). So if the crewmember do enough failures (and doesnt repairing it), it become a still-working-wreckage.
This way has:
-one opened question: what costs to repaire from nullHP to oneHP?
-one negative effect: a little bit harder game
-two positive effect: a huge more opportunity in the game, and not so hard to make this development

What is your oppinion, admiral? Smile


"-one opened question: what costs to repaire from nullHP to oneHP?"

Yep, that's one question with that indeed. With the model you proposed repairing it would have to cost the full cost of the facility, since 1 hp+ means all resources are acquired back. Furthermore, this change would also change the whole repair function, which now does not need boxes carried to place x.

I believe the wish here was being able to claim derelict ships, which has been wished for quite a bit. It's not something that is impossible in the future, but we will see! One easy way is to create special derelicts with the claimable status, which we already have in place for the player leaving his own ships behind.

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I think: the repair cost from 0 hp would not be the full cost of the facility because if you salvage it you could get some resources from the scraps, which is... which is how many percent of the full cost?

So I understand the puspose of the special claimable derelicts. What if the first derelict were a such derelict? So the player can choose not to plan an own ship but move in the derelict. (It seems the same unbalance problem. So the first derelict could be a special of the special derelicts ( Big Grin ): The player can gain a huge amount of resources from it (but the amount of the 'starter resources' were negligible). So he must first discover the derelict and only then can build his ship.)
This reminds me a wish: the option to save the scheme (hull) of the ships, so you can load this in other game's ship-sketch.

And I have a different wish: be able to open the vents in the hangars.

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