Quick Patch Available For Alpha 6 - Version 0.8.1


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Space Haven Alpha 6 - The Ship-to-Ship Battles Update Quick Patch.

  • Added dozens more tooltips to various buttons in the game.
  • Adjusted the build restrictions for airlocks to prevent bugs, you cannot build airlocks too close to hyperdrives or other airlocks.
  • You can now select the ambience time between music tracks from the game settings.
  • Gas scrubber hazardous gas issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug where crew would sometimes wander outside on leisure time. * Ship resource and storage manage tabs renamed to "rules" and modified the menu.
  • Improved certain UI elements, like when drafting crew members and moving them around.
  • Modified the thermal system to work in a better way.
  • Added a tips section to the loading screen.
  • Updated some in-game texts.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Save games from the previous Alpha 6 version are supported.

Use the in-game update in main menu to get the latest version. Be sure to check known bugs in the bug report menu before you submit Smile If you have reported a bug before and it's not fixed or listed no need to report again, we have a back log to fix! Have fun playing and have a great weekend! Heart

Bugs are best submitted through the in-game bug report menu, which can be accessed quickly by pressing F11 when playing. Please check known bugs in the same menu before submitting, and please use the feature with consideration.

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Want to join in on Alpha? Read more and get it at: http://bugbyte.fi/spacehaven
Register to not miss the official release: http://bugbyte.fi/register

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